Who We Are

Welcome to PsychCentral!


We are a boutique psychological practice conveniently located in Hong Kong and focused on child, adolescent, adult, couples and family wellbeing.


We are a small team who care and are committed to providing a high quality of service by customizing our service to meet the needs of every client. We believe that no one person is the same; hence no treatment should be either.


Treatment outcome research reveals that the relationship between the therapist and client is one of the most important factors determining better outcomes in psychological treatments and interventions. We at PsychCentral take this research finding seriously and take an active role in listening to your needs and being your partner during your time with us.


Psychologists and Therapists at PsychCentral are fully registered and apply researched and up-to-date psychological treatments. We practise in accordance with the Legal and Ethical codes of conduct as prescribed by the Hong Kong and Australian Psychological Society. We also ensure that we are fully engaged in our own continued professional development to keep our practice current.


We understand that life is not always a smooth journey. We also believe that the bumps are opportunities to slow down to observe your steering. With the help of a qualified and caring psychologist, these bumps can provide opportunities for greater self-awareness and constructive strategies for managing and dealing with emotional difficulties.